I'm a graphic designer working in the west of Ireland. I have a love of all things type-related, and specialise in creating beautiful layouts for long documents, magazines and newspapers. I also design flyers, brochures, and advertisements for print media. I have many years experience creating a wide variety of print products, and am knowledgeable about the technical aspects of print production and colour management to ensure the best possible results for my clients.

At present, I provide regular design services to a number of weekly and monthly publications, and also create media for a range of clients including small businesses, public bodies, educational institutions and charitable enterprises. As well as working directly with clients in a freelance capacity, I have sub-contracted for leading design and print studios.

I work regularly with Irish-language and bilingual English/Irish documents, and also work with an international client-base, creating products in a variety of languages including French, Spanish and Norwegian.

If you are interested in discussing a collaboration, you can contact me here or send an e-mail to design@shannonreeves.net
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